Program Information:

3rd - 12th grade level

The 3rd through 5th, and 6th through 12th programs are designed as an extension to your already existing at home curriculum. We meet one day a week (on Monday) to learn arts infused subjects such as media and movement, stagecraft, costume design, anthropology, writing, public speaking, art appreciation, performance history, and anatomy! We also realize some students may have a desire to study subjects intensively and will be given the opportunity for immersion. These subjects may include dance, theatre, voice, and musical theatre.


4th Avenue Arts homeschool program meets each student right where they are in terms of development and growth. Our goal is to foster a love for the arts and a supportive environment to get each student closer to their goals. We encourage creative thinking, personal development, and finding each unique voice to develop within a child. 


4th Avenue Arts welcomes each family into the 3rd - 12th grade level! The daily schedule at this level will vary greatly depending on the students interest and family needs; but the structure runs in tact with the 10:00am - 2:00pm timeline for course work. There is a daily drop off window for self exploration and studio time from 9:00am - 10:00am every Monday for students to enjoy. 


We look forward to an amazing educational journey together...