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Shelf Elf Dancing Day Camp

We were extremely excited to host an exciting "Shelf Elf" Dancing Day Camp! The day started with an exciting scavenger hunt led by our very own Elf on the Shelf "Twinkle"! Campers had to find clues that led them to various pursuits of balancing cookies on their heads, climb through lasers, dance on stage, and follow a trail of special marshallows! Next came crafts and writing an all important letter to Santa....with delicious hot chocolate of course!

Campers were delighted to have their very own VIP showing of "Elf on the Shelf" the movie on the big screen...the perks of having camp inside a vintage movie theatre! We of course made the experience complete with popcorn, beverages and snuggly blankets!

Next came lunch, followed by a ballet class to lively holiday music. Then we all got to play modern dance improvisational Christmas themed movement games...everyBODY had a blast! And finally, we recieved a call directly from the North Pole letting us know that a very special vistor was on their way to see us...Who could it be? SANTA!!! Each camper had a chance to take their letter to Santa and tell him what was on their list...this was such a fun and magical day for everyone!

(Pics of the each camper with Santa even got sent directly to Mom & Dad, while the lists were postmarked to the North Pole!)

We recieved some wonderful coverage of the event from the Herald Dispatch! Check out the article on our News Page!!

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