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Christmas Carol: A Ballet

4th Avenue Arts is beyond excited to bring to life the classic story of a Christmas Carol through the beauty of Ballet, Modern, Jazz & Tap dance! With a cast of over 75 pre-professional dancers from our community, the upcoming weekend of shows is sure to be a hit!

This week marks "tech week" for us...there are lots of lighting cues being written, last minute costume adjustments, choreography rehearsals, ticket purchases, and hussle and bussle to get everything accomplished before dress rehearsal. Today I stood back for just a moment and took a deep breath...I am thankful for the chaos of putting on a performance - because without the chaos 4th Avenue Arts would not exist. I am thankful for the nervous excitement of the young dancers as they take the stage in preparation for the audience on opening night - that nervous energy reminds me what is important. I am thankful for the endless questions (even thought I've answered them before) - because without the questions I wouldn't have that client. I am thankful for the dedicated staff and volunteers who give so much.I am thankful for this space to create beauty, and magic...

If you are free this weekend and would like a wonderful holiday experience, while also supporting a local community arts organization...we would love to have you!

Performance Details:

"A Christmas Carol: A Ballet"

Saturday Dec. 3rd: 6:30pm

Sunday Dec. 4th: 3:30pm

Tickets: $13

Box Office: 304.697.0602

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