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4th Avenue Pilates


There’s no better way to discover muscles you didn’t know you have than with movement that simultaneously strengthens, stretches and speaks to both your body and your mind.

We believe that everyone should know their body and every body should feel good.

Welcome to Pilates!!!

To Book a Private Training Session:

Call 304.697.0602

Book Group Apparatus Classes, Workshops, and Private Training Sessions NOW!

We look forward to seeing you in the studio!

Group Classes & Workshops:


5 Week Group Classes: classes run the week of 6.17.24 thru 7.17.24

Monday's at 8am | Group Reformer Class | w/Brittany Hagy

Wednesday's at 7:30am | Group Reformer Class | w/Britt Hagy

Pilates Workshops: 

6.18.24: 7pm Group Reformer w/Sara Fuller 

6.24.24: 6pm Restorative Pilates Apparatus w/Jessica Fox 

7.7.24: 2pm Cardio & Core Jumpboard w/Sara Fuller

7.9.24: 7pm Group Reformer w/Sara Fuller 

7.23.24: 7pm Cardio & Core Jumpboard w/Sara Fuller 

7.25.24: 6pm Pilates Studio Circuit w/Sara Fuller 

7.30.24: 7pm Group Reformer w/Sara Fuller 

To register email: 

You can expect an invoice within 2 business days. All group classes/workshops are $25/per session. Your spot is confirmed upon payment of invoice. Space is limited in all classes and workshops. 

Pilates Private Training Sessions are ongoing...Text us at 304.697.0602 to book a session that works with your schedule! 

Private Pilates Sessions range from $35-$75/per session.

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