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We’ve been a proud member of the JPAC family since 2013. The faculty consists of tremendously talented and highly trained individuals who truly care about their students.  Our two daughters have shown incredible growth in ability and overall maturity during their years at 4th Avenue Arts, and we give much credit to Jessica, Summer, Robin, and the rest of the JPAC family. They teach not only how to be proficient in a variety of dance techniques and styles but also how to become better people by cultivating important character traits, such as perseverance, discipline, and compassion. Twice a year, the result of the faculty’s and students’ hard work is presented to the community in the form of a unified performance, not a recital, that showcases the magnitude of the faculty’s artistic creativity and their effectiveness at teaching dance to kids of all ages.  We highly recommend 4th Avenue Arts to any family interested in the performing arts!

Sharon Werthammer

Barboursville, WV

Hi, you two. Just wanted to say that Madison gave a beautiful performance this weekend. Her choreography has integrity, is highly creative, and is very mature. She is a beautiful performer. Well done, you two! Keep up the good work you're doing with these kids. We need more folks like you who take the time to teach not only technique, but also artistry and integrity. Too many young dancers only learn dance in a competitive environment for the sole purpose of competing and winning trophies. It's people like you who are shaping the future of this art form and fighting to maintain artistry. You are much needed and appreciated. I'm concerned for the future of this art form, but people like you give me hope. "

Copy Of -Rachel Miller (Rad Fest Festial Director)

Kalamazoo, MI

Two years ago we were searching for a dance studio that offered both dance education and a creative environment. We had experienced prior studios and while fun, left me lacking the true education and personal creativity component we felt our daughters needed. We were fortunate enough to find JPAC. The staff at JPAC creates such an amazing and welcoming environment for both students and parents. Communication is open and fluid, parent involvement is encouraged and your child's education and development is at the top of their list. At JPAC, we never imagined that our daughters would learn so much about dance - history, body technique and style - all while having an enormous amount of fun! Also, I never have to worry about keeping myself busy while classes are going on, because I'm able to take exercise classes as well. I already love Pilates, so knocking out a workout for myself is another great bonus! Overall, our experience with JPAC has been nothing less than amazing! We've been able to see the dance progression in my girls, not to mention their new friendships and love for all types of dance.  We encourage you to stop by and observe a class, talk to an instructor, or just walk-in and feel the energy! You'll be glad you did, I know we are!"

Krista Booth

Proctorville, OH

We have been involved at JPAC since the doors opened. Our daughter began as a mini at age 3 and now she is 12. She has taken all forms of dance as well as theatre throughout the years. Mary Katherine has been a member of the JDGYBC since she was 6. Through that opportunity, she has been able to dance with older and younger dancers. This has prepared her for the rigorous training, schedules, and time that it takes to become a better dancer. She has grown not only as a dancer but also as a person at JPAC. Mary Katherine has found life long friends here that are more like family to her and to us. Our son, Eli, was involved in the theatre program from 5th grade to his senior year in high school. He has chosen the field of communications in college. He has never had difficulty speaking to his classes or in public due to his education at JPAC. He has chosen the emphasis of drama and theatre for his major of communications due to his passion for the theatre that came from the dedicated and professional instruction that he received at JPAC. We continue to choose JPAC because of the excellent education, the quality productions, the professionally trained instructors, the beauty of having our own theatre, the various opportunities for outreach to the community, and the multiple opportunities for growth that are provided through bringing in guest artists, taking her to festivals, and encouraging her to experience instruction outside the walls of JPAC."

Michelle Michael

Chesapeake, OH

I take Karrah to 4th Ave Arts, because it is more then just a ballet class. Not only does she get training  from ABT certified instructors. Jessica and Summer also have helped prepare her for auditions for outside training with acclaimed programs. With the training and encouragement she received from 4th Avenue Arts, Karrah was accepted to BalletMet, Point Park and TWICE to the renowned Alvin Ailey summer intensive program in New York City. 4th Ave Arts is helping dreams come true."

Christy Parsons

Chesapeake, OH

We started at JPAC for a simple dance class...In the past 8 plus years we have gained so much more!  Students are taught to do their best and not to compete against one another! Not only are there multiple genres of dance but we have also found theater, vocals and back stage training. The students are educated in ALL areas of dance and performing. The teachers are highly educated and teach the students at different levels so they can grasp the technique as well as the history of the class taken. My girls are learning much more than just dance, theater, vocals etc... they are learning to accept their bodies and abilities and work hard to reach their goals." 

Deborah Rowe

Wayne, WV

The faculty and staff at Jeslyn Performing Arts Center are dedicated to bringing high quality education in the performing arts to the tri-state area. The education and experience of the faculty and their commitment to continuing education sets them apart. This includes, among many other qualifications, certification with American Ballet Theatre. The faculty uses their extensive knowledge and experience along with positive high expectations to equip students young and old to develop and refine technique. Moreover, the faculty and staff inspire students to express creativity through movement. JPAC maintains an environment that is encouraging and builds up the students in a way that develops character and confidence. As a result, I highly recommend Jeslyn Performing Arts Center."

Shanna Burcham

Proctorville, OH

Why I come this studio! It is not just dance studio, it is a family! I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 and Jessica as well as her loving staff jumped at the challenge to help in any way they could to support us. Now, I am fighting again! Jessica and her staff have jumped to the challenge again and have been extremely supportive, and have even gone to chemo treatments! They are not just a dance studio teaching dance, excercise, theatre and etc. they are also teaching students morals, how to care, and how to give back to the community!"


Sarah White

Barboursville, WV

I have two daughters that have been dancing at 4th Avenue Arts for 7 plus years...I have watched them not only become beautiful dancers, but they have learned to become artists. They have made some forever friendships and we love the ambiance you get by coming to study and perform in such a historic space. The parents and instructors are all just wonderful people, I too have made some great friends."


Tammi Weinsweig

Proctorville, OH

We have been at JPAC for over five years.  JPAC is not just a dance studio to us, it is a family. My daughter has made strong friendships, and so have I. In my opinion, there could not be a better staff teaching my child dance. She is not a number. They know her, and they truly care about her, in and outside of the studio. We couldn't imagine being anywhere but Jeslyn, and look forward to many more years!" 

RaShawna Smalley

Chesapeake, OH

I really just can’t say enough good things about JPAC. I’m so glad we found this place! The staff dedication to providing youth with the opportunity to engage in the arts is awesome. My daughter loves her classes (modern and theater) and the instructors, who are kind, knowledgeable and amazingly dedicated. The office staff is highly organized, patient and keeps us well-informed. Additionally, I appreciate the sense of community at Jeslyn,. Too many studios focus on competitiveness rather than developing the individual student. JPAC provides an environment where students feel safe to step out of their comfort zones and learn, where they can collaborate rather than compete, and where they feel respected and appreciated.  Keep up the great work!"



Kristy Wood

Huntington, WV

We have brought our daughter to 4th Avenue Arts for 8 years, and would never even think of going anywhere different. The instructors have always treated her with such love and care, they have encouraged and never discouraged, helped her realize a passion for all different types of dance, and are truly among her greatest fans. The training and experience of all the instructors is unrivaled in our area, and we have complete confidence when we drop our daughter off at class that she is in good hands and they have her long-term physical and emotional health always in the forefront of her training. We would recommend them to anyone and everyone in the area! " 

Carlee Spradlin

Wayne, WV

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