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Mask Display

Safety First

4th Avenue Arts Facility Policy & Procedures: 


Max student enrollment in all classes!


30 Minutes Cleaning between EACH class!


Temperature check station in the lobby!


Medical grade HEPA air purifiers in every studio! Doors & Windows open whenever possible to allow for fresh air circulation!


Closed lobby to anyone other than registered students! Parents (other than Mini Mover 1) must remain in vehicles.  


Reduced touch points throughout the entire building!


Virtual Classes/Blended Teaching Utilized as Needed!


Safe Performance Opportunities!


Students & Faculty wearing masks at ALL times!


Lobby area with limited/individual, socially distant seating shields for students with back to back classes. (All other students must wait outside the building during the "cleaning window".)


Increased touch-less hand washing and sanitizing stations.


Use of cleanroom mats at theatre entry point to remove dust, dirt, and small debris from shoes prior to entering the building. 


Socially distant studios, taped off areas for students to safely stand at the barre, work in center, etc.

We are working VERY hard to stay updated on the latest information regarding the safety standards concerning COVID. Our pledge to you, our families, our children, and the community we serve is that we will do EVERYTHING in our power to go above and beyond what is asked of us as a business. We understand that now, more than ever, it is up to us to step up as leaders for the children/families we are serving. We do not take this responsibility lightly. Please read the list to the left for the most to date information on the steps we are taking. 

We thank you for your support during this time, and look forward to serving you and your family, 

4th Avenue Arts

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