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Saying Goodbye/Saying Hello

Special Announcement Blog:

We would like to congratulate Maggie on the new position she is taking as Director of the French Art Colony in Gallipolis, OH!!!

4th Avenue Arts Prepares to Say Goodbye to one of their very favorites....Miss Maggie!!!

Read below for a peak into the thoughts behind the scenes as Maggie prepares herself for her final weeks of teaching at 4th Avenue Arts, Jessica (our Artistic Director) makes the transition, and Josiah (the "new" Theatre Program Director) steps into the shoes as Maggie opens a new door...

From Maggie:

It is with an abundance of gratitude to the 4th Avenue Arts family, that I announce my departure. Building and bringing the arts to our corner of Appalachia is my heart’s passion, and I look forward to continuing this work in Gallipolis. In my next chapter, I am fortunate to have an opportunity to serve my hometown, by guiding the multi arts non-profit The French Art Colony, as their new director. I want to thank all of the students, families, and faculty of 4th Avenue Arts for allowing me to be a part of this incredible place. To teach, grow, and find a community here has been a true honor that I will forever cherish. The work being done at 4th Ave. is such a rarity and I absolutely can’t wait to collaborate in the future. I will be cheering on all you beautiful students afar and wish you all the best.

With so much love,

Miss Maggie

From Jessica:

When someone like "Miss Maggie" leaves a space it's no doubt there is a giant, unavoidable hole in the pit of your stomach even thinking about that day approaching. I think about how for the past several years I've gotten to walk into 4th Avenue Arts each day and see her smiling face, hear her calming voice, and watch her spread "Maggie Magic" throughout the studios and into the hearts of hundreds of students in this community. In those memories I close my eyes, give thanks and smile in deep gratitude. But, truth be told WE'VE been the lucky ones on borrowed time. From our very first interview what started as "summer work" quickly became a longer term commitment. I am forever grateful that 4th Avenue Arts became a home for her. That her passion and drive collided with mine and Summer's unlike anything I'd ever seen before. She has always felt like family. The undeniable thing about life is change, my hope for this space is that as individuals move in and out of these walls they can rest assured there is always a community to return to. I am so proud of Maggie as she moves into the role of Director at the French Art Colony in Gallipolis Ohio. Not only is that her hometown, but it is an area which will certainly be blessed by her many talents! Although it will be in a different form, I know this is not the end of "Maggie Magic", I look forward to many years of artistic collaboration together. It's not often someone understands your soul...

And with that, Thank you Maggie for years of energy, dedication, and artistic fabulousness! We cannot wait to see what the future holds for you! This is the perfect moment to return closer to "home" and create something in the community of your a way it reminds me of what is happening absolutely perfect next step...there is nothing more rewarding or more trying! You will always have a place and a web of family here at 4th Avenue Arts, we love you dearly! I'm already looking forward to our first project together ;)

To Josiah, I have nothing but pure excitement about you taking over the reins as Theatre Program Director! Your work over the past three years under and in collaboration with Maggie has been astounding (to say the least) and you have surprised us all in ways beyond words. Your writing is AMAZING, and your love for the students, and knowledge about this space and it's programming needs are exactly what 4th Avenue Arts is ready for!

Timing is everything...

From Josiah:

Theatre Program Director. Woah. What?! Change is always such a bittersweet experience, and to simply say I’m feeling several conflicting emotions once is an understatement. On the one hand, I am so excited to see my friend, colleague, and collaborator, Maggie, going out and sharing her voice and her vision with even more of the world. On the other hand, I am deeply saddened to lose someone who understands me as an artist and who I can work with easily and effortlessly with no head butting from conflicting egos. Believe me, that is NOT a common occurrence in the world of theatre, so my natural instinct is to hold onto her, close my eyes, and pretend like she’s never leaving, ever. But, when I open my eyes and face reality once again, I see a new path that has been opened up for me, a path that both thrills me and allows that tiny little voice of fear and doubt to try and creep in. Thankfully, with age and experience come confidence and self worth, so that little voice is about to be completely drowned out, because despite being a playwright, the only words I can muster currently are I. AM. PSYCHED.

I am humbled and truly excited to be able to take over this position at 4th Avenue Arts, and bring my craft to this region that I care about so deeply. I hope to ignite my passion for new, original theatre in those around me, and to create a new community through theatre, as well as strengthen and highlight existing communities.

Maggie, just know that I am always down to collaborate with you on any projects, and if you’re ever looking to commision a playwright, you know where to reach me :)

Check out some memories with Miss Maggie:

To the 4th Avenue Arts Families:

Miss Maggie will be spreading "Maggie Magic" the whole month of June! Stay tuned for an announcement about a very special celebration get together in early July!!!...Because it's not "Goodbye", it's just "See ya soon!"


"Art in the Heart of Huntington" - 4th Avenue Arts

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