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4th Avenue Pilates: Moving into 2016

As we embark on the New Year there are many of us that will make New Year's Resolutions...lots of scales will be dusted off, many promises will be made to the elusive calorie counting, and some imaginary number will pop into your head about what it means to look "good". My thoughts are...STOP...HOLD UP...REWIND...BREATHE...and LOVE yourself exactly as you are right now, forgive yourself for anything you feel less than great about and release it so that you can move on with your life! Throw away the scale, do not count anything but your blessings, and by all means stop defining your life by a number. Find things that inspire of my favorite quotes..."You've always been beautiful. Now you're just deciding to be healither, fitter, faster, stronger. Remember that."

And as you journey do not forget about your mind. Find something that nurishes your physical, mental, and spiritual self. Taking care of only one aspect of you is like providing plants with sunlight but withholding water....we too will burn out...

Pilates has always worked for me. It has been my constant. I found it because of dance and trained as a supplement to movement; but it has provided me with a way of life unlike anything else I have found. It gives me a stable base of support, it challenges me, it allows me to grow and expand in ways that I myself am still uncovering...I will always be grateful to Joseph Pilates and the brillance he created, the masterful trainers I continue to work with today, and the clients that grace me with the ability to train their whole self.

Find what works for you. Make 2016 the year for your health. For your body...for your mind...for everything...

And if you want to try out a free class, well then your in luck...we'll be holding our Grand Opening soon ;)

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